Enjoy BigNoise. Plus Worthwhile.

Over the next several months, we’ll be merging with Worthwhile, a digital marketing firm based in Greenville, SC. This exciting opportunity will allow us to continue to grow the Charlotte office, as BigNoise, while offering a whole lot more:

You’ll continue to get:


You’ll start getting:


Why are we merging?

Worthwhile’ excellence in customer service and support for on-going relationships will allow BigNoise to better serve its clients now and in the future.

By combining forces, Worthwhile and BigNoise will be better able to provide proactive strategy, driven from analytics, that gets results.

Who is Worthwhile?

Proud Highlights


Key Clients


Who you should meet.

These two guys are now in the Charlotte office. Feel free to reach out. Or, for more info, contact:

Ongoing client relationships:

Relationship Liaison
Christopher Nicholas
P 704 333 7929
M 864 270 8555

New business:

Engagement Pioneer
Brandon Godwin
P 704 333 7929
M 864 517 7485