General Tire: Take It To The Max

March 21, 2007

Following a re-branding, General Tire intends to make a big noise with their Take It To The Max Music Tour and Sweepstakes. Consisting of 3 bands and 10 concert dates, this tour (designed and promoted by Blender Magazine) was conceived to promote their new launch and their new Altimax line of tires.

BigNoise designed and developed a Flash-based microsite with several features to support the extensive banner marketing (also designed by BigNoise) set to run on the Maxim/Stuff/Blender site network. Features include an mp3 player, mp3 downloads, sweepstakes registration and the ability for users to vote for their favorite band. The winner of the public voting will be awarded an opening act for a major label band at a large venue yet to be determined.

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