Inspiring website for The Mint Museum


BigNoise Launches New Site for The Mint Museum

June 04, 2012

Building on the branding concept developed by BooneOakley — Inspiration Beyond The Wall — we set out to create a clean and well-designed site focused on art and the Mint’s Happenings — but we wanted it to do more… to be Inspiring and to allow people to share their inspiration.

Mint Museum Website

In the top right-hand corner of the new is a colorful icon labeled “Inspiring.” Similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, it allows users to identify things on the website they find inspiring by clicking it to share their inspiration and add it to their MyMint page. Users can also click 'What's Inspiring' to see what other users find inspiring, stumbling across things they might not have seen otherwise. 

“We're excited to launch not only because the site itself is inspiring, but also because the people who visit are inspiring; that's what makes it so special,” said James Martin, the Mint’s digital communications manager. “Too often, users visit sites, find what they're looking for, and simply go on their way. Now that we've helped them realize their own inspirations, and even save them to their own MyMint page, their visit becomes an epiphany –­ a moment in which they suddenly learn something new about the art and themselves.”



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